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The United Kingdom has recorded net migration figures despite Brexit

The United Kingdom has recorded net migration figures despite Brexit

Photo: AFP.

Migration of granddaughter by then UK A new record was reached in 2022Total 745,000 immigrantsThat surpassed the previous high of 606,000 recorded in May of the same year, which was characterized as “unsustainable” by some members of the Conservative Party.

This increase continues until June 2023, with a net migration of 672,000 people, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), with arrivals of 1.2 million migrants against emigration of 508,000 people during the period. .

Most of these immigrants, about 968,000, Originates from countries that do not belong to the European Union (EU).Followed by EU and British citizens, 129,000 and 84,000 respectively, represent the official body.

Analysts point out that these demographic changes reflect a shift in immigrant employers after the coronavirus pandemic.

Asylum and visa programs for citizens of the Chinese territory and refugees from the British colony of Hong Kong and Ukraine, as well as The increase was driven by the influx of non-EU students and workers.

In June 2023, work-related migrants accounted for 33% of total immigration from non-EU countries, a significant increase compared to June 2022.

Citizens of India, Nigeria and Zimbabwe lead the way in obtaining work visasEspecially in the health and care sectors.

AFP photo
Photo: AFP.

For its part, work-related immigration also increased, reaching 45,000.

there Immigration through courses It also showed an increase with 378,000 arrivals in June 2023, mainly due to an increase in dependent family members of students from Nigeria and India.

A major factor in this growth was the new visa route for graduates, which increased by 115,000.

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On humanitarian grounds, immigration fell to 83,000, a significant reduction from the 157,000 recorded in June 2022, with Ukrainians and Hong Kong citizens the most prominent.

Immigration and emigration for family reasons remains constantwith a slight increase in net migration.

The British Home Office reported that 90% of the 40,386 people who arrived in dangerous boats across the English Channel up to June 2023 claimed asylum or were registered as overstayers in an asylum application.

An absolute truth

These figures show a complex reality in the United Kingdom’s migration panorama, marked by significant increases in net migration and immigration and immigration trends.

Second, he signed up British broadcaster Sky News, a Conservative deputy and former minister. Simon Clarke Arguing that he expressed his concern over the current situation “Economically and socially unsustainable” Maintain high levels of legal immigration.

In the same vein, Yvette Cooper, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, launched a scathing criticism of the current government, saying the figures “reveal the extent of the Conservatives’ total failure on immigration, asylum and the economy”.

In response to the criticism, Home Minister James wisely, for his part, emphasized the government’s commitment to managing the situation and ensuring that. The government is fully committed to “reducing the level of legal immigration” while also focusing on “relentlessly addressing” illegal migration.

One of the main reasons the United Kingdom chose to leave the EU was control over immigration.

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Fears after Brexit

In the pre-poll period Brexit As of 2016, there is growing concern among a significant portion of the British population and some politicians about immigration levels, particularly from other EU countries.

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As a member of the European Union, the United Kingdom is subject to the Union’s free movement policies, which allow citizens of EU member states to live and work in any other member state, including the United Kingdom, without visas or work permits. .

This feature EU membership was seen by many in the UK as giving up control over its own borders and immigration policies.

Brexit supporters argued Leaving the EU would allow the UK to regain full control over its borders and establish its own immigration policy.Limit the number of people who can enter and work in the country.