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The UEMS in the Community program provides knowledge and science to youth with multiple sclerosis

The UEMS in the Community program provides knowledge and science to youth with multiple sclerosis

UEMS (Mato Grosso do Sul State University), through the program “UEMS in Society”, aims to bring science and culture to the municipalities of the state. This event offers children and youth hope for a better future, with the goal of bringing knowledge and opportunity to residents to gain experience and connection with future possibilities of entering a public university.

Several thematic areas are part of the programme, such as communication; culture; human rights and justice; education; health; environment; technology and production; and work.

Procedures and activities will be developed based on the needs of the municipalities, especially in the most socially vulnerable places. Program activities will be proposed by the terms of cooperation between the Foundation and the partner municipalities.

The program was shown for the first time in the municipality of Jardim last Saturday, April 1. The event included lectures, concerts, presentations, and assistance from UEMS courses. Local people can get to know and better understand the concept of citizen science, and the services and benefits that science performs for society.

UEMS in the community provides a lot of knowledge to the young people from the park, last Saturday. Image: UEMS

“UEMS in the community will carry out many actions for the population such as lectures, workshops and courses aimed at the demands of each municipality. We are very happy to be able to provide the residents of Mato Grosso do Sul with this direct interaction with the potentials that we have in our university, ”explains the coordinator of UEMS in the community Prof. Dr. Dr. Susana Nieves Moreira.

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The following actions of the program are already planned in the municipalities of Campo Grande, Maracago, Dorados, Japura, Paraniba, Mundo Novo and Aquidawana.

Assomasul, together with the UEMS, invites the municipal governments of the state to transfer the program to their cities, communities and indigenous villages, which aims to bring scientific knowledge to children and youth from Mato Grosso do Sul.

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With information from Ascom UEMS.