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Edmir Shadid leaves the intensive care unit at Sirio Lebanon Hospital |

Edmir Shadid leaves the intensive care unit at Sirio Lebanon Hospital |

On Wednesday evening (5), the press office of state deputy Edmir Shadid issued a new statement about his health condition.

He has been admitted to the Serio Libanon Hospital, in São Paulo, since last Friday (31) with a stroke. This was the third official announcement.

Severely ill during a meeting in Morada das Piedras, his political office in Braganca Paulista. He was initially rescued by the SAMU (emergency medical care service) at the Santa Casa Municipal Hospital complex and then taken to the capital.

The press office stated that Edmir Shadid “was discharged today from the intensive care unit to his room, where he will continue to be monitored and undergo clinical follow-up.” As stated in the note, he “remains conscious, clinically stable and in rehab.”

Doctors in charge of the patient Cardiologist Dr. Roberto Kelil Filho, who has worked with former Presidents Jose Sarney, Fernando Collor, Lula, Dilma Rousseff, Michel Temer, Vice President Geraldo Alcmene and former Governor Jose Serra; Neurologist Dr. Rogero Toma, son of former Senator Romeo Toma, who died in 2010, and neurologist Dr. Marcos Staffale, who assisted the former first lady of Brazil, Marisa Letizia, who passed away in 2017.

A letter from Edmir Shadid

The deputy’s office sent a text by Edmir Shadid to the press, in the form of a transcript. Check it out in full:

Friends, I’m fine!

I would like to thank the SAMU team of professionals for their prompt assistance, as well as the doctors and nurses at Santa Casa de Bragança Paulista. I thank everyone who accompanied me to my political office when I felt the first symptoms. After all, primary care was instrumental in saving my life and making my recovery successful. I would also like to thank the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and speech therapists at Sirio Lebanon Hospital, as I stayed in the hospital for my complete rehabilitation.

In the past few days I have received with great affection expressions of support and wish for a speedy recovery. I sincerely thank you all for your messages and prayers.

The worst is gone! And thank God that health is improving every day!

From everything I’ve encountered in the past few days, here’s the lesson: Stroke can hit all ages! So beware.

I thank God and my greatest strength: my family!

Big hug! “