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The tourist gets bitten by a pink dolphin and gets a serious infection

If you’ve seen pink dolphin pictures and thought “what a cute little animal”, we’re sorry for ruining your imagination. A tourist was bitten by a dolphin in a river in Santa Rosa de Yacuma, Bolivia.

Truth be told, pink river dolphins are not usually violent. But this showed behavior With the tourist in a river in the Amazon Basin. Claire intended to visit all of South and Latin America, but her dream was interrupted by a severe infection at the site of the bite.

The tourist is stung by a pink dolphin

The Amazon basin has a great variety of animals, and as a result many people go to see them in the waters. The pink river dolphin is one of them, but it is not known for being violent, allowing tourists to bathe and play with it.

However, tourist Claire had an unusual experience. While enjoying this moment with the dolphins, one of them took a bite on his right foot.

She was on the boat while playing with the animal using a plastic bottle. The body fell from her hand, and the tourist went down to the water to fetch it. At this point I was bitten hard by a pink dolphin.


When she was bitten, Claire immediately went to a health local. But, due to the lack of medical equipment, she was taken by car to a city four hours away from where she was.

When they arrived, they found a crowded hospital. Claire is forced to stay in a hostel, and as a result, her wound becomes infected. It had to be moved – again! – to a hospital in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.

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There, the woman experienced another chapter of this story: Claire had to undergo an operation in which it was necessary to take a graft from her thigh to place it in the wound.

The tourist says she was lucky after all, as she could have lost her foot or her life due to the injury.