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The study confirms that Covid-19 infection guarantees protection similar to that of a vaccine

A person infected with the coronavirus has immunity similar to that of a COVID-19 vaccine, found A Stady From the scientific journal scalpel, Published on Thursday the 16th. One of the greatest works on this topic, it collects 60 other works and also takes into account the emergence of Omicron.

“Although infection provides protection that diminishes over time, the level of this appears to persist for as long, or even greater, than that conferred by vaccination,” the research says. According to the survey, people who were once infected with covid-19 have an 88% lower risk of being hospitalized or dying from the disease, for at least ten months, compared to those who did not become infected.

The comparison is based on Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine against covid-19, the mainstay of vaccination campaigns in many countries.

Carolyn Stein, a co-author of the study, also highlighted the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. “Vaccines remain important for all to protect high-risk populations such as those over 60 and those with underlying conditions,” she wrote in the paper. This also includes previously uninfected populations and unvaccinated groups, as well as those who were infected or received their last vaccine dose more than six months ago. Decision makers should consider natural immunity and condition Vaccination to obtain a complete picture of an individual’s immunity profile.

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