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The student attacks the teacher and warns that he intends to return to kill – RecordTV

A student tells the police that he will come back to kill her
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a general balance Wednesday (1) brought information about the case of a student who attacked a teacher after his video game was confiscated during class time. The crime took place in Florida (USA).

The woman told the young man to stop playing and because he didn’t respond, she took the video game. However, on her way to the board, she starts getting attacked by the student.

The teacher lost consciousness after the attack, which took place in the middle of the schoolyard. The teen threw her to the ground and kicked and punched her. Other officials tried to stop him, but they were unsuccessful.

After a while, with the help of more people, the student was immobilized. But the teacher was already unconscious.

After being taken to a room, the boy made threats and warned that he would return to kill.

The young man also asked how long he would spend in prison and said that there are places more important than prison. According to the police officer, if people had not detained the boy, the teacher might not have survived the attack.

The teen will respond to the crime of aggravated assault by causing physical harm. There is still no information about the victim’s medical condition.

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