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The state of Mato Grosso once again requires the use of masks due to an increase in coronavirus cases

The state of Mato Grosso once again requires the use of masks due to an increase in coronavirus cases

The municipalities of Agua Boa, Cáceres and Nova Zavantina in Mato Grosso have once again recommended the use of masks to prevent coronavirus. This initiative comes after a wave of increasing Coronavirus cases in the state.

According to the State Ministry of Health (SES-MT), Mato Grosso has so far recorded 3,895 confirmed cases of the disease. The latest monitoring, which takes into account the last 14 days, reveals that five municipalities are at very high risk, recording 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Epidemiological situation in Mato Grosso

In a conversation with CNN, the Deputy Minister of Healthcare and Surveillance of the SES-MT, Giuliano Mello, assessed the epidemiological situation in the state. “We are in a more comfortable position compared to previous years. We were able to maintain the alert level and provide assistance to the recorded cases“, Milo stated.

The Secretary also stressed the importance of vaccination, especially active search for individuals who have not yet received the vaccine or have late doses. The focus is on older people over 60 years of age and children under five years of age.

New protocols in Mato Grosso

We have already implemented some protocols for managing Covid cases, which we have now strengthened. Management mainly involves controlling the work environment with regard to the use of masks, availability of alcohol gel and distancing. In addition, we also advise municipalities on the importance of vaccination, with an emphasis on active research“, Milo explained.

In Cáceres, located 736 kilometers from Cuiaba, the Ministry of Health confirmed as of last Friday (26) 185 cases of Covid infection, without recording any serious cases. “Given the large number of cases detected at the beginning of 2024, we believe it is advisable to recommend the use of masks, especially in crowded places. It's a precaution“, announced the municipal health secretary, Vitor Miguel Oliveira.

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Covid-19 variant

On Monday (22), the Central Laboratory of the State Ministry of Health in Mato Grosso identified and sequenced a new Covid-19 subvariant. This is JN 2.5, which is a variation of Ômicron. This is the first record of the subvariant in Brazil.

Alessandra Moraes, Health Surveillance Supervisor, highlights the importance of care: “There is no need to panic, but we should always be aware of flu-like symptoms. Vaccination against Coronavirus is necessary. Immunization alone is effective in preventing the disease“.

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