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The shameful punishment that was not taken against Corinth.  “Even Stevie Wonder (the blind one) saw it,” Renato Gaucho joked – Prisma

The shameful punishment that was not taken against Corinth. “Even Stevie Wonder (the blind one) saw it,” Renato Gaucho joked – Prisma

Penalty kick against Corinthians not scored by Wilton Sampaio. Very clear display. An unacceptable error

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The match that witnessed the most goals in the 2023 Brazilian Championship.

Corinthians and Gremio tied 4-4.

The twists are exciting.

Coach Renato Gaucho’s team led 2-0, while the Luxembourg team scored three goals in the final minutes of the first half, with a score of 3-2.

Gremio scored twice to make the score 4-3, but Corinthians equalized.

Goals from Nathan, Cristaldo, Fabio Santos (penalty), Lucas Verissimo, Yuri Alberto, Everton Galdino, Suarez and Giuliano gave rare emotions to the match.

But Wilton Pereira Sampaio, the referee who represented Brazil in the World Cup in Qatar, committed a shameful, ridiculous and incomprehensible mistake, depriving Gremio of having a real chance to win the surreal match.

It was 47 minutes and 51 seconds into the second half, when Ferreira sent a cross into the penalty area and Yuri Alberto extended his right arm over the shoulder line and stopped the ball.

A clear and indisputable penalty.

But in a very strange way, Wilton Pereira Sampaio pointed strongly towards the corner.

The penalty kick was not scored for Gremio.

Only worse is Emerson de Almeida Ferreira, who is in charge of VAR.

With all the angles available for the Corinthians player’s clear touch, the evidence is that he remained silent.

It was his duty to warn Wilton Pereira Sampaio of the ridiculous injustice and unforgivable mistake he had committed.

The referee did not review the match.

In other words, technology has been neglected, being able to correct the unmarked penalty.

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A situation that prevented Grêmio from gaining two more points on the leaderboard.

It ended up giving Corinthians a point.

Brazilian refereeing will become a laughing stock when this move spreads around the world.

“It is unacceptable that this penalty was not given. I saw it in the dressing room, the Corinthians players themselves said it.

“In three seconds you can see it.

“All of Brazil saw this disgrace today. Everyone saw it, even Stevie Wonder, who is blind, saw it was a penalty kick.”

The irony comes from Gremio coach Renato Gaucho.

The coach will make everything more surreal.

He guaranteed that the person who would be accused was Luan.

The player bought by Corinthians from Gremio.


He only stopped receiving 800,000 Brazilian reals a month without playing when he was beaten by Corinthians saboteurs who entered a hotel where the midfielder was staying and attacked him.

The club management from Rio Grande do Sul will file an official complaint with the Brazilian Confederation.

But they will not get back the two points they had a chance to win yesterday.

The pressure exerted by Gremio aims to spread dialogue between the referee and the VAR head.

Brazilian football needs to understand the excuse for not awarding a penalty kick.

What happened in Itaquera was shameful.