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The scientist explains the relationship between sleep disturbances and increased hair loss

The scientist explains the relationship between sleep disturbances and increased hair loss

A good sleep is also one of the most important activities to maintain body health, including wires.

During sleep, the organism is restored in many physiological and metabolic aspects. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the quality of sleep, in order to maintain the proper functioning of the systems that control the hair cycle, which are complex and require a large amount of energy to maintain a balance of hair replacement and hair growth.

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Jacqueline Rosemary, an expert in hair loss and scalp disorders, explains that there are changes caused by factors such as stress, food, exposure to white light and even time zone changes or irregular sleep routine that can affect hair health. There is a proven relationship between hair health and sleep. Traveling, for example, can alter the sleep cycle. In this way, the hair also ends with changes ”, explains the scientist.

Another point to consider is that poor quality of sleep affects, in addition to immunity and the secretion of hormones, the physical condition of individuals. “Not only can stress cause hair loss, but it can also accelerate final hair loss, through the gradual changes that occur in the hair follicles over time. So, if a person is in flight and the time zone has changed dramatically, or has not slept well for some other reason. It is possible that the level of stress increases, which affects the production of melatonin, which is also linked to the health of hair.”, notes Jacqueline Alecreme.

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Melatonin is the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle and is involved in many other processes. It is also responsible for the antioxidant effect, which can prevent various cell damage. “This means that decreased production of melatonin, for whatever reason, can lead to premature aging, which can be reflected in the hair, in the form of increased hair loss,” the scientist notes.

To avoid suffering from hair loss while traveling or in stressful situations, Jacqueline recommends ensuring a good sleep pattern. “The greatest care should be taken to maintain good habits before bed, avoiding distractions, not eating very heavy meals, and avoiding stimulating foods at least four hours before bed, such as coffee and soda. Prolonged exposure to screens and white light, which is detrimental to the achievement of sleep should also be avoided. deep and restorative. Meditation and essential oil therapies can be excellent options for achieving a restful night and an adequate sleep pattern,” he advises. Additionally, taking oral melatonin supplements may be considered to help treat jet lag or other conditions.

About Jacqueline Karim

Jacqueline Alcream is a researcher and developer of scientific formulas for hair loss, scalp disorders, alopecia and hair damage. Scientist and expert in advanced cosmetology. The founder of the cosmetic company Magic Science Brasil, famous domestically and internationally for the clinical efficacy of its products. Jackeline is also successful in providing hair health tips on social media, with over 90,000 followers on Instagram. (MF Press Global)