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The program encourages science in public school students in Manaus

The program encourages science in public school students in Manaus


The goal of the program is to bring students closer to the state network of the university’s scientific environment.

Manaus (AM) – With the aim of promoting science among young people, students from the State School (EE) Professora Myrthes Marques Trigueiro, in the eastern district of Manaus, visited two science laboratories at the Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB), at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM).

Accompanied by professors, the students visited the human anatomy and embryology laboratory, where they attended various classes on the functioning of the human body and other biological practices.

The educational residency program is part of a partnership between the state’s Department of Education and Sports and Ufam, with the goal of bringing students closer to the state’s network of the university’s scholarly environment. In addition to enhancing the interaction between the students of the biological sciences course, who are finishing their graduation and are already preparing to teach.

Student Guilherme Aguiar, 12 years old, who is in grade 7 of primary school, participated in the activity that took place on Friday (27), describing the visit to the laboratories, explaining that he now has a new profession in mind, of a scientist.

“This experience was really great, they explained a lot to us. I had never participated in such visits before. I liked it very much, and I wanted to become a police officer, but now I am in doubt,” the young man said.

Professor Arthur Castro, who teaches science to students from grade 6 to grade 9 at Myrthes Trigueiro State School, is in charge of the project and has explained the importance of the partnership between the school and the university.

“In the anatomy lab, students are able to see in action how organs work and what the functions are. This experience, they wouldn’t be able to get in school. So, this partnership with the university and the state school is making that learning happen in an important way,” noted the professor.

Beatriz Araujo, a resident student and finalist in a natural sciences course at Ufam University, spoke about the difference between teaching a major in the classroom and working experience.

“Leaving the abstract and bringing what you teach concretely into the classroom makes the student’s creativity go further and also helps in cognitive development, to understand what is a lung, what is a heart, and what is not in drawings,” Beatrice continued.

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