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The Pope: The Gospel is not an ideology, but rather a declaration of joy

The Pope: The Gospel is not an ideology, but rather a declaration of joy

During his catechesis this Wednesday (15), before thousands of faithful and pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square, Francis emphasized that “the Gospel is still expected today, and humanity in all ages needs its proclamation.”

Thulio Fonseca – Vatican News

Listen to the Pope’s voice and share:

“After speaking about various witnesses to the proclamation of the Gospel, I propose, as a summary of this teaching on apostolic zeal, four points based on Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii GaudiumWho turns ten years old this month. The first point, which we are examining today, can only relate to the attitude on which the essence of the work of evangelization depends: joy.

With these words, Francisco began his catechesis during the general audience on Wednesday (15). Before the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope stressed that “the Christian message, as we heard it in the angel’s words to the shepherds, is a declaration of ‘great joy.'”

“What is the reason for this great joy? Good news, a surprise, a beautiful event?” the Pontiff asked, then replied: “It is much more than that. It is a person: Jesus! He is the creature.” “God is the man who always loves us, who gave his life for us and wants to give us eternal life! He is our Gospel, the source of eternal joy!”

“Either we proclaim Jesus with joy, or we do not proclaim Him, because any other way of proclaiming Him is incapable of presenting the true truth of Jesus.”

Evangelism is not an ideology

The Pope then warns the faithful: “A Christian who is dissatisfied, sad, dissatisfied, or worse, resentful and resentful, has no credibility.” According to Francisco, evangelism works for free, because it comes from fullness, not from pressure.

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The Pope stressed, “When we preach on the basis of ideologies, this is not evangelization, this is not the Gospel. The Gospel is not an ideology: the Gospel is a declaration of joy. Ideologies are all cold. The Gospel has everything that is new.” Warmth of joy. Ideologies do not know how to smile, the Gospel is a smile, it makes you smile because it touches your soul with the Good News,” stressed Francisco.

Humanity awaits the proclamation of the Gospel

Therefore, we Christians are the first to evangelize, and this is very important. Even as we often find ourselves caught up in the fast and confusing pace of today’s world, “we can also find ourselves living the faith with a hidden sense of denial, convinced that the gospel is no longer being heard and is no longer of value.” “The effort to make it known.”

We may be tempted to let “others” go their own way. Rather, this is the appropriate time to return to the Gospel to discover that Christ is always young, and a constant source of newness.

The Pope stressed that the Gospel is still expected today, and that humanity in all ages needs its proclamation, including a civilization steeped in planned infidelity and institutional secularism. Especially in a society that neglects areas of religious feeling, it waits for the Gospel.

At the conclusion of the Catechism, the Pope called on every Christian to renew his personal encounter with Jesus Christ:

“Let us not forget that. And if none of us have felt this joy, let us ask ourselves if we have found Jesus. It is an inner joy. The Gospel always leads the way of joy, it is the great revelation. I am calling all Christians, in whatever place or situation you find yourself To renew your personal encounter with Jesus Christ today. And let each of us, on this day, stop for a moment and think: Jesus, you are within me: I want to meet you every day. You are a person, not an idea. You are a companion, not a program. You “Love solves many problems. You are the beginning of evangelization. You, Jesus, are the source of joy.”

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