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The plane that crashed in California was built at home over 10 years

The plane that crashed in California was built at home over 10 years

ShThe plane that crashed on Sunday in California, USA, was built piece by piece over nearly 10 years in a house.

Thane Ostroth, a retired dentist, began building the plane in 1999 and flew it for the first time in 2008. The man sold the plane last year to a young pilot for $100,000 (more than 91,000 euros).

According to ABC News, Ostroth stated that the buyer knew a lot about airplanes and that he landed the plane “perfectly” on his first flight. “This was well done,” Ostrot told Buyer at the time.

Thane Ostroth discovered the plane crash in an online group, and admitted it was “painful” to learn that the plane he had spent so much time on had crashed with people on board.

Investigators believe that four people were on board the plane. No survivors were found and only one body was recovered from the waters near Half Moon Bay, the victim having already been identified.

The plane was registered to an Oakland-based company called Winged Wallabies, Inc., according to Federal Aviation Administration records.

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