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The new ‘Crash Bandicoot’ trailer and gameplay has been revealed

The new ‘Crash Bandicoot’ trailer and gameplay has been revealed

One of the biggest mascots in gaming is the crazy fox Crash Bandicoot. The character originally appeared for the PlayStation, in 1996, in the game that bears his name in the title “Crash Bandicoot”.

The character was very successful in its launch, it has frantic and very interesting gameplay with an eloquent and completely insane hero.

The title has already passed through the hands of some developers and distributors, but is currently being developed by Toys for Bob and distributed by Activision Blizzard. Therefore, they are releasing promotional materials for their latest release, ‘Crash Team Rumble’.

‘Crash Team Rumble’ Details Revealed

The latest game aims to usher in the current wave of multiplayer games and will launch a kind of moba with the characters of the franchise. So far, two trailers have been revealed, one being the reveal and the other showing some of the new game mechanics.

Both clips have been released by the official ‘Crash Bandicoot’ YouTube channel. Below, you can check out both trailers. The first video is the game’s reveal trailer, while the second shows us the “Calamity Canyon” map.

In this trailer, we see that in addition to each character’s unique skill system, there will be special features for each map, which serve as a way to disable opponents who have tried to score.

In addition to these trailers, you can see a tweet in which user @mr_evaporation shows a clip of about 30 seconds of gameplay from the new game. In response to a comment on the post, the user reveals that they got the video from IGN Italy.

From promotional materials and a trailer of the game released on Twitter, it is possible to see that the game adapts mob mechanics, such as the life bar and “magic/energy”, as well as the special abilities of each character.

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Its conflict method seems to be similar to the mobile game “Pokémon Unite”, where characters need to collect points across the map.

Here they are represented by traditional berries and you must score them in a kind of “goal”, being necessary to score two thousand berries. All this is visible in the gameplay presented below by the user @mr_evaporation.