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foto de ovni mais real da historia

The most impressive photo of a UFO ever recorded has been released in the UK – Portal Viu

On August 4, 1990, two young men working as cooks at a hotel in Pitlochry, in the Perthshire Mountains on the outskirts of Cairngorms National Park (Scotland), had no idea they were about to accomplish a feat admired by ufologists around the world. .

Around 9pm, after a long day in the hot kitchen, they reached a hilly place where they went for a walk. Suddenly, they stopped. Before them was a large, solid, diamond-shaped object, about 30 meters long, hovering silently in the sky. Frightened, they hid behind the bushes and looked up.

A few minutes later, the sound of hunting was heard to the north. The military aircraft circled the “object” before returning and following its original course, as the pilot also saw the object and turned for a closer look.

They believed they were encountering a UFO. Moreover, according to their report, the object shot vertically upwards and disappeared, rising into the sky.

The scene was captured on camera by one of them. There were six clicks sent to the “Daily Record”, one of Scotland’s leading newspapers. But no story was printed: the newspaper sent the photos to the Ministry of Defense.

Then the photos simply disappeared – with two young chefs. Still. Gradually, they emerged. But one is missing.

Now, the sixth film of the UFO has been released, Daily Mail reports. The photo was described by a member of the UK Ministry of Defense as “the most amazing UFO photograph ever taken”, a kind of “holy grail” that “proves” the existence of these space objects.

The Ministry of Defense has not released the original photo and wants the names of the witnesses to be withheld for another 54 years – until 2076 – due to “privacy concerns”.

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The copy was now in the possession of 83-year-old retired RAF (UK Air Force) officer Craig Lindsay. He was the first soldier to speak to a young cook after that night. Lindsey broke protocol and kept a copy, which was kept hidden for 32 years. A copy ended up in the hands of ufologist David Clarke.

“When Craig showed me the photo, I knew I was looking at something extraordinary. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It was clearly weird,” Clark declared.

Andrew Robinson, professor of photography at Sheffield Hallam University, said he believed the photo was genuine. If it was a more elaborate hoax, he said, it would involve expensive, sophisticated equipment and flying models not available to two hotel chefs.

“My conclusion is that the object is definitely in front of the camera, meaning it is not a post-production fake, and its location within the scene appears to be roughly halfway between the foreground fence and the plane in the background,” he said.

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