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The Lost Land 'is a huge hit in live broadcasting

The Lost Land ‘is a huge hit in live broadcasting

With a plot that seems to blend “Lost” with “Manifest”, the new series of GloboplayAnd the “La Brea: The Lost Land”which debuted in May and is already one of the biggest hits on the streaming platform.

The foreign production, the first episodes of which was shown in a special session on Open TV, pleased subscribers of the Globo service, although it was not a project with significant special effects.

According to information from columnist Patrícia Kogut, of O Globo newspaper, “La Brea: A Terra Perdida” scored a good audience in its prime, becoming the international series with the best score on Globoplay since 2018.

Success was also recorded in the United States, where the series containing supernatural events was produced by the American network NBC, which previously secured the second season, which will contain 14 episodes.

To capitalize on Globoplay’s good moment, new national productions have been announced. Globo revealed, in a statement, that the series “Justice” will receive a continuation six years after the first season.

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The national production, which was nominated for an International Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, is set to air only in 2023, with some characters from the first season. Another novelty for season two is that the story will be told in the interior of Bahia: “I’m a huge fan of piseiro, so I took the story to the Midwest of the state,” explained Manuela Dias, the series’ author. , In an interview with TV News.

The writer revealed what she does not intend to change in “Justice.” According to her, the new season should continue with independent plots, but they are related to each other. In the first edition, for example, they had four joint arrests that happened on the same night.

The first season of “Justiça” featured names such as Adriana Esteves, Cauã Reymond, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Jesuíta Barbosa, Marjorie Estiano, Jéssica Ellen and Débora Bloch.

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