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The Legacy of Jupiter Series Canceled by Netflix

a Netflix announce it Buyer’s Legacy It will not continue as a series on the platform. After the first season in which opinions were divided, the broadcast chose to make a live adaptation of SuperCrocs: Assault, Another comic written by Mark Millar Which tells the story of seasoned villains.

a Limit Claims that the cast Buyer’s Legacy This “Free of your obligations to the series” Millar said production could still return in the future, but sources told the site that it could happen in a different format, but did not disclose it.

SuperCrocs: Assault He is part of the same universe as Buyer’s LegacyAnd, perhaps, it was a “solution” that was found through live broadcasting to explore this universe in a different way, as the series released this year received a lot of criticism due to the rhythm and appearance of the heroes. Remember to file Netflix Already announced anime Supercrocs, which is supposed to be released this year.


With eight episodes, the first season of Buyer’s Legacy It shows a world in which heroes actually exist, and their first generation has kept humanity safe for nearly a century. Now, the children of these heroes must learn how to handle their powers and follow the blog created by Utopian and co. The cast of the series consists of Josh DuhamelAnd the Leslie BibbAnd the Ben DanielsAnd the Elena CamborisAnd the Andrew HortonAnd the Mike Wade e Matt Lanter.

Do you agree with the decision not to continue the series? Leave it in the comments!

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