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The launch of Abel’s lecture before the victory over Flamengo and the moment with Kocevic draws attention: “In the eyes”

The launch of Abel’s lecture before the victory over Flamengo and the moment with Kocevic draws attention: “In the eyes”


Moments before entering the field, the coach spoke to the team to convey words of encouragement

Abel’s lecture draws attention in detail with Koussevic: “In the eyes.” Photos: Reproduction of the club’s official Instagram.

Palmeiras released a behind-the-scenes video clip of Abel Ferreira’s lecture, recorded moments before the Brazilian Super Cup final. The match was held at Mane Garrincha Stadium, in Brasilia, last Saturday (28), against Flamengo, with the club winning from Sao Paulo. in The photos, which were posted on the club’s official Instagram profile, drew attention to the detail with Kuscevic.

While focused, the coach talks to the team and uses messages to communicate the feeling to the team. then, Each Palmeiras player has chosen a personal motivational phrase: “We talked about tactics all week, but no tactic works without our organization, without our personality, without competition and without doing what it takes.”He remembers.

“She attacks, defends and deals with every moment of the game.”It strengthened the coach who encouraged the whole team. However, a very strange detail caught our attention. the Abel’s most excited moment was when the coach used Kosevic’s ideawho wrote that one should look neither up nor down, but into the eyes of each opponent.

After the coach greeted each player pointing out what the defender had chosen as a motivational phrase, Abel repeated the player’s thought: “You never look up or down, always in the eye. And that’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to salute and in their eyes we’re going to do it, and we’re going to compete there in their eyes.” I did not agree with you, but in our eyes we compete with our weapons and in their eyesEncourage the coach.

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