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Codit explains the tests at Atlético and criticizes two points in Brazilian football

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico Madrid

Eduardo Codete during the Atlético vs Tombense match

Coach Eduardo Codete surprised by making changes to the starting line-up and tactical disposition of Atlético in the match against Tombense on Sunday (29/1), in the second round of the Campeonato Mineiro. After the 2-1 victory at the Estadio Soares de Azevedo, in Moorea, the Argentina captain explained the changes. “We will try to get all the players involved. Some have a few minutes, some don’t. But everyone will participate. The group is the most important. The whole group is doing great and we’re going to need everyone.”

Compared to the team picked for the 2-1 win over Caldense, Illustration by Codette Paolo Henrique and Bruno Fox For Hyoran and Jemerson entries. In this way he moved midfielder Edinelsson to the right side.

“So, one day one will have the chance, another day the other will be. As I said before, there are many games in the year and we want everyone to be healthy. I think internal competitiveness raises individual levels and that’s what we’re looking for.”


the This Sunday’s gamewhich started at 11am, was marked by sweltering heat and a bad pitch in Moorea. Facing the opposite scenario, Gallo won with two goals from Paulinho and Hulk. Record Tombense with Alex Sandro.

After the match, Codit was asked about the state feud. The Argentine did not directly criticize Campeonato Mineiro. He preferred to broaden the complaint to two specific points in Brazilian football: the large number of matches and the poor quality of the turf.

“You get used to it, when you come to Brazil, you will participate in this tournament. What I always like to change are the conditions and the stadiums. I think that in this way there can be better football.”

He continued, “Today, the conditions, which were obviously for both teams, were very hot, a very poor playing field… This undermines the spectacle, which is the main thing. Now, I like to play against anyone,” he continued..

“But something, the other time I worked in Brazil (at Internacional), I emphasized several times: if I have to say two things that hurt Brazilian football, one is the stadiums and the other is that the players are sure at this moment they are playing tired. Not Now, because it (the season) has just started, but because there are 70 matches a year, which is different from other tournaments,” he said.

Faced with this scenario, Codette admitted that, sometimes, he’d rather send less skilled players onto the field, but fight and give more. After all, poor pitches and the physical demand of a match-packed season get in the way.

“We have to adapt. What we’re trying to do is work toward what we want to do. And certainly with room in these circumstances, it’s more appropriate to put people who fight, fight, rather than people with good feet. What we’re trying to do is serve us what lies ahead. “.

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