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The government of Ceará is investing more than 5 million euros in the purchase of technological equipment

The government of Ceará is investing more than 5 million euros in the purchase of technological equipment

October 1, 2023 – 08:50
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The initiative is part of the country’s policy framework to promote science popularization

The Government of Ceará, through the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Ceará (Secitece), has invested more than €5 million in the recent acquisition of state-of-the-art technological equipment to equip the network’s laboratories for scientific research in the state.

The devices will be directed to the study and experimental production centers of the Ceará Center for Industrial Technology and Quality (Nutec), the Vale do Acarão State University (UVA) and the Cariri Planetarium.


Among the equipment acquired for Nutec, for example, are advanced instruments such as plasma, an essential tool for detecting carbon demand in research operations carried out by the Waste and Effluent Laboratory; The digester, which will be dedicated to the food technology laboratory; o Spectrophotometer, which detects elements such as metals, calcium, potassium in various wastes and others.

The equipment that arrived at UVA included a chromatograph and a spectrophotometer. The Carrere Planetarium also received equipment for astronomical and multidisciplinary digital projections.

Secitece President, Sandra Montero, was at Nutec’s headquarters last Wednesday (27/9), to make the symbolic handover of the equipment to the organization

The idea, according to Minister Sandra Montero, is to modernize and provide technological support for innovation and to increase universal access to science and research. “The initiative aims to contribute to the scientific and technological progress of Ceará through the promotion of projects and the acquisition of modern equipment. Secitece’s priority is support and cooperation between different research groups and facilitating the access of the scientific community in Ceará to new technologies, as this equipment must have multi-user access. We believe that this business front will provide us with a leap in the quality of regional research and development.

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