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The Galaxy S22, S21, A54, and more will not receive Galaxy AI

The Galaxy S22, S21, A54, and more will not receive Galaxy AI

Samsung will exclude Galaxy AI from older mobile phones, such as the Galaxy S22, S21, A54 and others launched before the end of 2022.

February 5
– 1:01 pm

(Updated at 1:46 p.m.)

Galaxy AI, which offers conversation translation, advanced photo editing and other features with artificial intelligence (AI), will not be present in the Galaxy S22, S21, A54 and other models launching before the end of 2022.

Photo: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech/Canaltech

This is what a post by Tarun Vats on X (formerly Twitter) shows, based on comparisons between… Samsung To other countries, and then analyzed by Canaltech.

There is no Galaxy AI

The list shows that Samsung should prioritize the latest models with the most advanced specifications in its Galaxy AI distribution. Models launched before Q4 2022 tend to exclude mid-range models, including:

Meanwhile, some mobile phones tend to get the package with Samsung's AI features, including the Galaxy S23 line, the latest foldable devices (lines Galaxy Z Flip 5 The Z Fold 5) and the Galaxy Tab S9.

Hey Canaltech I have contacted Samsung do Brasil to confirm the relationship and the text will be updated if they respond.

One User Interface 6.1

Galaxy AI is one of the key new features of One UI 6.1 for models launched before the Galaxy S24, which brought advancements in artificial intelligence to the brand's devices. However, this does not mean that the previously mentioned models will be without the update.

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There is still no expected release date in Brazil, and it is expected that One UI 6.1 will be released for the same mobile phones that received One UI 6.0. The only difference is that older models will not have access to Galaxy AI.

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