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The first volunteer in the US is given the breast cancer vaccine

The first volunteer in the US is given the breast cancer vaccine

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s mission is to use the vaccine to prevent disease progression in the future.

oh UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Portugal), announced Thursday (June 20, 2024) that the first volunteer to receive a full cycle of the vaccine against breast cancer was 67-year-old Maria Kitte. The patient was diagnosed with the disease “Position O”Carcinoma Ductal in situ.

“Today, more than 30 years of research has led us to the first clinical trial of a vaccine that could significantly change the way breast cancer is diagnosed.”Elizabeth Wilde, president of UPMC, told reporters.

The kitten received 3 injections of the vaccine at 10 weeks. The 3rd dose was administered Thursday morning (June 20) minutes before an interview with the press.

In the upcoming trial, the first volunteer will be about 50 women who will receive the vaccine to assess the immune response to help the body fight future cancer.

The vaccine was developed by the University of Pittsburgh (USA) and an immunologist UPMC Hillman Cancer CenterDr. Oliveira Fin.

The expert expected “More and more women are signing up for this test because it’s a very innovative way to approach breast cancer detection, especially pre-cancer diagnosis.”

“The long-term goal is to prevent cancer, and the women participating in this trial will help us fight it once and for all.”He adds.

Vaccines for people who don’t have cancer

According to Magee-Womens breast surgical oncologist Emilia Diego, this is one of the few tests. “Develop a vaccine that really targets people in pre-invasive stages of cancer.”

“We believe the goal is to vaccinate people who don’t even have cancer.” He said.

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