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The deputy invites Abel Ferreira to provide the information to the CPI

The deputy invites Abel Ferreira to provide the information to the CPI

Ciro Campos and Francisco De LaurentiisJun 7, 2023 1:47 p.mReading: two minutes.

Abel Ferreira during the match between Palmeiras and Cerro Porteno for LibertadoresEFE/Daniel Peiris

Representative Danilo Forte (União / CE) has submitted a request to invite a coach Palm treesAnd Abel Ferrerato attend the CPI on match-fixing, in Brasilia.

According to the parliamentarian, the aim is for Abel to “provide information on facts related to the manipulation of football matches.”

The information was first published by capital Cities and confirmed it ESPNwho were able to access the request.

In justifying Abel’s call, which was not mentioned in the investigations conducted by the MP-GO (General Ministry of the State of Goiás), Danilo Forte pointed out that, since Verdão had matches in which bets were rigged by opposing players, the opinion of the Palestinian coach must be heard.

“by operation”The first and second maximum punishmentPalmeiras mentioned the matches in the investigations into the match-fixing scandal in football matches. In this sense, it is necessary to hear information from the technician who will greatly contribute to the development of the work of this record, ”wrote the deputy.

It should be noted that an invitation was given to the Portuguese, not a summons. With that said, it is up to Abel to decide whether or not he wants to participate.

on May 22, Midfielder Gabriel Menino has been called to the same CPR record By Representative Luciano Vieira (PL/RJ), as seen before ESPN on time.

However, Vieira dropped back from midfield and “didn’t call up” the midfielder, who was also not mentioned in operations.The first and second maximum punishment“.

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Where to watch Palmeiras against Barcelona de Guayaquil?

Palm trees that it Barcelona from Guayaquil Showdown on Wednesday (7), 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), for CONMEBOL Libertadoreswith Live broadcast by ESPN In the star +.