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The creator reveals what’s new in the game

The creator reveals what’s new in the game

But why go back to square 0? “After 11 games, each with a more powerful villain, we felt like we had reached our limit, and we couldn’t create one with more power.”

With the reboot, you won’t need to know the series’ 30-year history to play. “It’s the perfect time for anyone new to Mortal Kombat to start playing and understand what’s going on. We’ve reintroduced everything so new players can learn quickly.”

The story begins with a big explosion created by the protagonist Liu Kang. “He has now become a supreme being and the creator of this new universe. It will be great for fans to see characters with different stories and relationships.”

Boon reveals that there will be additional fighters, Kameo Fighters, to support the characters. “Players can choose from these additional fighters to help them in combat. They choose the main fighter and an ally. This duo makes the gameplay more interesting.”

The game features a new single-player mode called Invasion. “Imagine a giant board game the size of a city, in which the player advances as they complete challenges and earn tons of rewards.”

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