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The coup that didn't happen in Brazil and America

The coup that didn't happen in Brazil and America

Throughout 2022, Joe Biden's government (pictured) has issued several messages supporting Brazilian democracy.

Today, a federal police investigation revealed several coup attempts in Brazil in which members of Jair Bolsonaro's government tried to appease the military and disrupt order, suggesting the United States may have had some knowledge of what was going on. had clear receivers. Ultimately, the lack of international support is one of the main factors preventing the military from venturing into adventure.

In July 2022, after Jair Bolsonaro attacked the electoral court in a meeting with 40 diplomats, the US State Department said the Brazilian electoral system was serving “As a model for countries in the hemisphere and the world”.

That same month, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said his country and countries in the region were committed to the rule of law and defending democracy.

Our countries are not only connected by geography. We are inspired by common interests and valuesHuman rights and human dignity, for our deepest respect Our commitment to the rule of law and our devotion to democracy“, Austin said at a conference of defense ministers from the region.”The deeper we deepen our democracy, the deeper we deepen our security.”

In September, ahead of the first round of the presidential election, Biden administration spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said her country would follow suit. “Brazil Elections”closely”.

We will follow them closely and we believe in the strength of Brazil's democratic institutions. As partners in Brazil's democracy, we will continue to monitor elections with full expectation that they are free, fair, transparent and credible.”, said Kareen.

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For Christoph Harik, a German researcher who studies the Brazilian military, the various messages published by the Americans had an impact.

I think diplomatic pressure from the US is very important. Indeed, if Republican Donald Trump had been president at the time, the situation would have been very different.“, says Harik.

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