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The contract with the NFL makes Corinthians postpone the expansion of the arena by removing seats |  Corinth

The contract with the NFL makes Corinthians postpone the expansion of the arena by removing seats | Corinth

Hey Corinth Plans to expand the Neo Química Arena will be delayed until September by removing seats from the south sector, behind one of the goals.

The decision is directly related to the contract signed between them Corinth The NFL (North American Football League) will hold a game on September 6.

How is that? Rodrigo Capello explains Caixa's rejection after an offer from Corinthians

According to Augusto Melo, President CorinthIf the chairs were removed now, the club would have to replace them at an AFL match, which would generate significant costs for the club.

-We have permission to remove the chairs, and expand from 4,000 to 6,000 seats, but we now have a contract signed with the NFL in September and we cannot remove the chairs now. everything is ready. We ran after the security department, the district attorney's office, the AVCB (fire department inspection report), and everything was approved. But today, to do this… the NFL will pay for the chairs to be placed in Norte, and when the show is over, it will remove the chairs – the director explained to “Podpah”.

-If we wanted to do this today, the whole cost would be out Corinth To wear it, put it on and then take it off. He added that under this contract, we will not remove the chairs until September.

Corinthians plans to remove chairs from the southern sector of the New Quimica Stadium – Image: Emilio Botta

Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles were announced as one of the teams that will play in the stadium. The discount has not been confirmed yet.

In addition to expanding by removing the chairs, Augusto Melo dreams of increasing the capacity of the New Quimica Arena by building more stands behind the two goals:

– I have high expectations to expand our arena to at least 70,000 seats. I'm working on making that happen. We have a property that we're negotiating, and if we negotiate this property, which is going very well, I'll be able to expand the yard.

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