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The confusion in the match between Brusk and Vila Nova is scored by the fans

The confusion in the match between Brusk and Vila Nova is scored by the fans

Video captured by fans The confusion that happened At the end of the match between Brusque and Vila Nova at Augusto Bauer on Saturday, 17. The defeat raised the spirits of a group of fans, who sought the board and players.

According to information from the Military Police, Brusque’s board of directors and players were harassed by fans unhappy with the outcome of the event.

A group of security guards can be seen in the videos trying to contain the cheers of the crowd and trying to attack the group of players. Athletes make their way from the locker room to the bus and have to pass through the space used by the fans.

In another video you can watch Danilo Rizzini, the club’s president, and Andre Rizzini, the director of football, trying to protect themselves from the approach of the fans. The security guards also fight and push the people trying to get close.

Military police indicate that they had to use crowd control techniques. The goal was to disperse the hostile crowd and ensure the integrity of the officials and the local team.

One fan was arrested for contempt and threats. Then he was taken to the Central Police to prepare the detailed term.

Another video appears outside the stadium at the end of the match. Fans are fighting each other and you can see the glorification of many. In one of the scenes, a person appears in the military police.

Match between Brusk and Villa Nova

Taking major strides towards the third division, Brusk lost 1-0 to Villa Nova at Augusto Power, in the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship’s Second Division.

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Head-to-head in the fight against relegation was its only goal scored by Wagner, initially, relying on Pelliato’s failure. As a result, the four-colored fell to the eighteenth place, with 31 points, one point lower than the sixteenth place, Guarani. Villa Nova reached 15th place.

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