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The college where Mateus studied will open proceedings to investigate the previous BBB entry due to racial quotas

The college where Mateus studied will open proceedings to investigate the previous BBB entry due to racial quotas

The revelation that Mateus Amaral Vargas, a former “BBB 24” participant, declared himself black to enter the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Farrupilha (IFFar) through racial quotas in 2014, highlighted an intense controversy and raised questions about the implementation of affirmative action policies in Brazil. . Given the repercussions of the case, FIFA announced the opening of an internal administrative process to investigate the circumstances surrounding Matthews’ participation in the entrance examination. According to the institution, any similar report will be treated with the same severity:

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“After the Foundation learned through the press of the case of former IBF student Mateus Amaral Vargas, it decided to open an internal administrative process, with the aim of identifying situations involving his participation in the event. Other cases of the same subject matter, “which may be submitted, will have the same treatment,” IFFar said in a note.

In an official note, FIFA explained that the only requirement for entry into the racial quotas at that time was the self-declaration of the candidate, without additional verification mechanisms. Only from 2022 onwards has IFFar implemented identification as a procedure to verify the self-declaration of candidates, with the aim of preventing fraud and ensuring the effectiveness of positive policies.

“Just as in other federal educational institutions, there was no mechanism to verify or prove the candidate’s declaration. The notices contain information that” discovery of any kind of fraud in the implementation of the process exposes the candidate to loss of the vacancy and penalties of the law at any time even after registration “.

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Matthews is a participant in “BBB 24”

At that time, Mateus enrolled in the agricultural engineering course offered in partnership between IFFar and the Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa). After enrolling in the fifth period, he attempted to return to the course in 2018 and 2022, using the slot reserved for black or mixed-race students.

In 2018, his return to FIFA was approved, but he did not register. In 2022, after completing his agricultural engineering course at IFFar, Mateus sought to continue his studies by re-enrolling in Unibamba, but the application was rejected. After that, he tried to enter the university through broad competition, that is, without using social and racial quotas.

“In the re-admission process in 2022, the student was rejected, because he did not respond to the notice. However, in the same year the student participated in another selection process. In 2022, the student entered the Federal University of Pampa via invitation for Teachers Notes High School, which is A selection process that uses the average scores of Portuguese and mathematics from three years of secondary school to rank candidates. This selection process is presented with the vacancies remaining from other major operations (such as Sisu), in this Unibamba said in a statement: “Somehow, an entry was made. Students through extensive competition.

The controversy surrounding the case led a human rights activist to file a complaint with the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), accusing Mateus of ideological falsehood. The activist believes that using a false self-declaration to achieve racial quotas constitutes a crime that must be investigated.

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“The individual must bear responsibility for the crime of lying in order to enter the university. The faculty members and the individual must bear responsibility. The faculty members must bear responsibility for negligence and the individual must bear responsibility for the crime of lying.” Isuperio in requesting that “Contigo” obtain access.

Faced with the repercussions, Matthews issued a public memorandum confirming that the error in the self-declaration was committed by a third party, without his consent, and expressed his regret for the inconvenience it caused, in addition to strengthening his commitment to racial and social equality. .

“The registration was conducted by a third party, who made the mistake of choosing the method of racial quotas without my consent or prior knowledge. I understand the fundamental importance of quota policies in Brazil. Therefore, I deeply regret any impression I may have had that I sought to take undue advantage of “This policy, which was never my intention,” he said, adding: “I reiterate my regret for any inconvenience caused and my continued commitment to being an active advocate for racial and social equity and apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred.”