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The card operator reduces the limit without warning and will have to pay compensation

The card operator reduces the limit without warning and will have to pay compensation

Second Appeal Committee Special courts The Federal District ordered the credit card operator to pay compensation of R$2,000 to the customer.

The penalty came in response to the reduction, without prior notice, of the customer's card limit.

Unilateral reduction of the card limit results in compensation

In the lawsuit, the customer revealed that the card limit was reduced unilaterally and without any prior notice. The situation gets worse when you consider that the card was opened only two weeks ago.

According to the customer, he did not receive any communication about the change.

This caused him great inconvenience, especially when his card payment was declined while he was at the supermarket.

Low credit limit after partial use

According to the contract with the card operator, the customer had a credit limit of R$ 2,400.

Only R$400 of the amount was used. However, when he tried to shop at the supermarket, he had problems paying.

With the card declined and no other payment method available at the time, the customer had to go home without the ordered products.

When he contacted the operator, he discovered that the limit had been reduced to R$300.

Failure to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank

The judge in charge of the case considered that the card operating company did not prove that it had informed the customer of the reduction of the limit 30 days before.

Such behavior violates the rules established by the Central Bank.

The Commission concluded that even if reducing the card limit was lawful, the conduct was unlawful if there had been no prior contact of at least 30 days.

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This failure in service results in the right to compensation for any damages sustained by the customer.

Source: Extra/Globo