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The Brazilian Confederation issues a VAR vote for Diego Costa’s disallowed goal in the match between Atletico MG and Botafogo

The Brazilian Confederation issues a VAR vote for Diego Costa’s disallowed goal in the match between Atletico MG and Botafogo

ESPN.com.brSeptember 19, 2023 at 9:12 pmReading: 3 minutes.

Diego Costa complains after the goal was disallowed: “It is important for the tournament that Botafogo does not shoot”

Atletico striker MG spoke in an interview in the mixed area of ​​Arena MRV

The Brazilian Confederation on Tuesday released VAR audio of Diego Costa’s incorrect goal in the defeat Botafogo to Atletico-MG 1-0 at the end of the week.

In the play made by Diego Costa, in the 43rd minute of the second half, he returned from an irregular position in a cross inside the area, when Mauricio Lemos passed the ball to number 19, who entered the net.

“There is no intentional pass. It is clear that the player is in an (illegal) position and then there is a deflection. Your decision is perfect. You keep the field decision, perfect,” the VAR said.

In a lengthy fit of rage, the striker stated that his disallowed goal was legal and that they had “put their hands in” the explanation, as well as suggesting that it was “not attractive” to see Botafogo top the league. Brasileirao.

“It was very clear that it was a legal goal. They were involved in the question of interpretation. They did not think about it or look at it much. We know that for the competition, it is more attractive to keep Botafogo closer to their stadiums.” “It’s a matter of logic. In a play like this, it’s not necessary to review it from moment to moment. It had to be analyzed carefully.”

“I was offside, yes, but at no point did I interfere with the play. The defender took the ball away because he was following another of my team-mates, and the referee and the flag man interpreted it that way. I think it was offside.” “A great goal, I have no doubt. I hope it can be seen, but quietly. It’s part of it.”

“This is football. We have to know that we have to face everyone. It’s Botafogo, Botafogo, Botafogo… against everyone else. It’s about keeping our heads up and being more united than ever before. In this fight, we’ll be Alone. We, the fans and teammates are here,” he said.

Botafogo next matches

  • Corinth (F): 9/22, 8pm (Brasilia time) – Brazil

  • Goiás (C): 10/2, 8pm (Brasilia time) – Brazil

  • Fluminense (F): 10/8, 4pm (Brasilia time) – Brazilian League

Diego Costa, in an illegal position, attempts to sit out play before scoring a goal (disallowed) against Atlético MGSporTV/Reproduction Premiere
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