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The band's MC will start in January

The band’s MC will start in January

Collaboration for UOL, in Rio

07/27/2021 17h20update in 07/27/2021 17h34

Today, the band announced the date of the debut of Fausto Silva’s show. Who left Rede Globo early in June He left on Sundays under Thiago Levert.

“Band confirms Fausto Silva will debut in its January programming. All production of the program will take place in the station’s studios in São Paulo, which will be reworked and adapted to receive the new attraction,” the station stated, in a note sent to UOL.

Since he left, viewers remember him the announcer and Become a target of internet memes.

Last Thursday (22), the Rede Globo set opening dates for its new weekend attractions.

Tiago Leifert presents the “Super Celebrity Dance” until August, and Luciano Huck will lead a program with the same name as the one presented by Faustão From September 5th “in a format that blends successful paintings and great stories until December,” according to Globo.

So, “Caldeirão do Huck” is called only “Caldeirão”, after 21 years of broadcasting. The program will have a new presenter that, according to a statement from the network, “is being named” that will play gravity until the end of the year.

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