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The Americans accuse Bradesco of allying himself with the former CEO to gain an advantage

The Americans accuse Bradesco of allying himself with the former CEO to gain an advantage

The impetus behind America’s counterattack against Bradesco was a letter from Gutierrez attached to the lawsuit filed by Bradesco. In the document, the former CEO states that the decisions of the previous management were discussed and received the approval of the Board of Directors and in particular Carlos Alberto Secupira, one of the shareholders of reference alongside Jorge Paulo Lehmann and Marcel Telles.

Americanas accuses the bank of using the courts to gain an advantage over other creditors.

“Bradesco’s attempt to take advantage of the São Paulo judiciary simply to seek negotiating leverage would already be unfortunate in itself. But now, it has taken a turn for the worse. Instead of siding with creditors and shareholders who were seeking ‘in good faith, to enable… The company was unable to recover, Bradesco decided to access the fraudster’s significant personal assets, fabricating fictitious results to the detriment of creditors, suppliers, employees and shareholders of Americanas,” the retailer’s lawyers wrote.

And in another excerpt: “(…) Just because she was not satisfied with one aspect of the plan under negotiation (which affects a small part of the value of her balance), Bradesco continued to take various legal and media measures against her.” The company and its major shareholders.

“Providing the evidence requested in these files is nothing more than an incomplete, partial and ad hoc investigation of the accused [Bradesco], where he finds fertile ground to falsify facts and release them to the public, eager for a circus show. Just like I did with Miguel Gutierrez’s “message” in commentary.

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Gutierrez says he will refute the allegations in the lawsuit itself, again stating that the company is trying to protect “the people who will be best able to compensate it for the damages it says it suffered,” referring to the three reference shareholders. .