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People’s Life: Anna decides to leave Brazil and Rodrigo despairs: “I will not leave”

I (Fernanda Vasconcelos) is sad because he lied to him Manu (Marjorie Estiano) About how you feel Rodrygo (Raphael Cardoso) In the following chapters from Our life Opens with Is not (Sthefany Brito), his sole confidant.

The former tennis player says she feels at a crossroads because she doesn’t want to lie, let alone tell her sister the truth. Desperate, she thinks the only way for her is to take a break from everything and face the treatment idea in the United States that he proposed Eva (Anna Beatriz Nogueira).

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Alice doesn’t believe what she hears and says that if she travels, her friend will just postpone the problem. Anna cries and asks her boyfriend to understand her. Over dinner, she made up her mind and told Eva to begin preparations for the trip to the United States. The news, of course, will travel through and reach the ears of your great love.

Rodrygo was shocked by the information and called her immediately. “What story are you leaving? Please, do not believe what you are talking about. This is a lie and you know it. You’re running away Anna, you’re doing the same thing again.

We have a daughter together. We have to decide together what matters to her. You cannot disappear on the map all of a sudden.

It’s not much different when you are pregnant, that you decide Julia’s future on your own as if it doesn’t matter to me. I just want you to know that I won’t let you go“Will Anna really run away like she did when she found herself pregnant with Rodrigo,” says Desperate Rodrigo?

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