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The 7 best exercises to lose weight without equipment

The 7 best exercises to lose weight without equipment

By maintaining discipline, consistency and rhythm, it is possible to lose weight even without going to the gym. Exercises that rely solely on executing movements are also effective in losing weight.

According to strength training specialist Edson Freitas, of Functional Training Inteligente, in Brasilia, the ideal situation is to set actionable goals to be implemented in the short or medium term. “It's important to set achievable goals. Exaggeration can dampen motivation and even cause a rebound effect, leading to weight gain,” comments Edson.

Not everyone has enough money to pay for an annual gym membership or a monthly personal trainer. With that in mind, the capital Cities Consult experts to list exercises that promote weight loss and do not require performing equipment.

Learn 7 exercises to lose weight that do not require equipment


Squats work multiple muscle groups, strengthening your leg muscles, glutes, and core muscles (abdominals, buttocks, and lower back). It also improves stability and prevents injuries.

Squatting strengthens the muscles of the legs, buttocks and core


Burpees work your entire body and speed up your metabolism by increasing your heart rate.


Push-ups strengthen the chest, arms and torso, which contributes to improved posture and helps prevent back pain.


Jumping is a fun way to raise your heart rate. Improves agility, coordination and leg strength.


The lunge is nothing more than a squat with an asymmetrical base, which helps lose weight by engaging the entire body in the movement.

Two women doing lunges with their own body weight
The lunge involves practically all muscle groups


Running is excellent for cardiovascular function and is one of the exercises that promotes the expenditure of more calories. Edson suggests that beginners choose modest goals at first. “The biggest reason to give up in a race is bold goals,” he says. “No one runs a marathon without months of training.”

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The exercise called mountain climber or climber is a dynamic plank exercise, which requires quick movements of the arms and legs. In addition to improving trunk stability, the exercise strengthens the upper and lower extremities.

Strategic planning

To include these exercises in your routine, it is important to create a simple and flexible training plan. The expert recommends starting with short sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, three times a week, and then gradually increasing them.

Since the goal is weight loss, Edson Freitas recommends alternating training stimuli. One day, the protocol might be easy; In the next, running, and in the next, both. “Do it at different speeds, times and distances. This keeps your body from becoming too fatigued.”

Color photo of two women walking - Metropolis
It is recommended to switch stimuli to improve results

Improve weight loss

For healthy weight loss, regular physical exercise combined with hydration and balanced sleep is essential. In addition to the exercises mentioned, it is important to plan your meals, pay attention to rest times, and learn how to manage stress.

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