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Textor mixes up random facts to create doubts about Brazilians

Textor mixes up random facts to create doubts about Brazilians

Let us remember, last week, in an interview with “O Globo”, he dropped a bombshell: he claimed to have “recordings of judges complaining that their bribes were not paid”. He says after this statement: “There were manipulations and mistakes in 2021, 2022, 2023, and we have the proof.”

He indicated before that that Botafogo would not win tournaments like this. He reported, “The fans will discover within the next thirty days the truth about what happened in the tournament.”

According to Textor, which is now on its website, the vehicles made an error in linking one statement (about the referees' recordings) to another (about the Series A). “I never said that there was a referee on record involved in tampering with referees in a Serie A match or related to Botafogo and Serie A and Serie B.”

Well, but it was the North American leader himself who created this confusion to raise doubts about the Brazilian. On his website, once again, Textor launches a new attack on Serie A when he talks about the decisive match lost to Palmeiras. “I actually have proof of what happened before the game. Did we know? It's not about the referees. It's about the referees' part.” Find out what? From artificial intelligence reports. Oh there.

And again, it raises supposed signs that the Palmeiras match is always being manipulated by the team that beats it in 2022. It does not provide evidence or anything solid.

It is clear that allegations of arbitration manipulation must be investigated, regardless of division and motives. Textor must hand over his possessions to the public authorities – some of whom, he points out, already have the material, which makes it even more confusing as to why this matter is being raised now – and to the CAS.

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