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Tesla's humanoid robot folds clothes in video;  look

Tesla's humanoid robot folds clothes in video; look

The list of capabilities of Tesla's humanoid robot has been expanded. In a new video clip posted by Elon Musk on the social network X (formerly Twitter), Optimus appears folding a shirt perfectly. Doing household chores is just one potential use of technology.

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Despite the success achieved by the art of folding clothes, the task is still not performable independently by a robot. However, Musk claims that the goal is for this to happen in the future.

Moreover, he promises that the robot will no longer need a fixed table to perform the task. The idea is that Optimus does the job much faster and can fold many clothes in a very short time. The information is from G1.

Watch the robot work:

Optimus may be Tesla's future

  • The Tesla Bot was announced during the company's 2021 AI Day event.
  • On that occasion, a human pretended to be a robot and performed robot movements and dance.
  • As early as May 2023, Tesla showed off several prototypes of working robots that can walk and pick up objects without assistance.
  • The company's CEO, Elon Musk, even predicted that Optimus would represent “most of Tesla's long-term value,” estimating demand at 10 to 20 billion units.
  • This technology, according to sources, could replace humans in vehicle assembly lines who perform repetitive tasks.
  • Despite all the capabilities, Tesla has produced few units of the robot so far.
  • The main problem relates to the supply of actuators, which are devices that enable movement or control of loads and mechanisms, and create movement by converting stored energy into mechanical work.
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