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Telegram ‘zoa’ Google and Apple using the Brazilian meme; research

Keeping the funny profile, Telegram’s official Twitter profile did his other adventures on Friday (20). Page quoted nominally google browser and Apple, noting that companies charge their users for storing files in the cloud.

To joke with companies and say that those using the messenger app don’t need to pay for storage, which is still unlimited, the company used a Brazilian meme. Check out the moment below.

The famous motion picture of the man trying to hold back laughter is a classic starring the carioca artist Eduardo Stirbic. The video, which left the country’s borders and spread around the world, appeared in an interview that Sterbitch gave with Jô Soares in 2016.

Despite the joke, many people accused the company of lying, because its cloud service would not be comparable to Google Drive or iCloud. However, the official profile calls that users can “store any media and documents they want using the app and then access it from any of their devices”.

The history of the commotion

The battle between Telegram and competitors is very old. In one case that had the most repercussions, it was Enables the app to “give back” on WhatsApp after trying to mock the competitor.

The CEO of the app, Pavel Durov, has already entered the fray. On his public channel in the app, Durov said that the iPhone users are Apple’s slaves And that Apple’s systems are “stuck in the Middle Ages.”

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