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SUS vaccination certificates will be accepted in the European Union

SUS vaccination certificates will be accepted in the European Union

The compatibility of the Brazilian vaccination card with the EU Covid digital certificate has been approved by the European Commission

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, Friday, (October 14, 2022), confirmed the conclusion of the process of equivalency of vaccination cards issued by SUS (Unified Health System) with EU Covid digital certificate (European Union).

The guidance has been made official by Executive Decision No. 1948 of the European Commission (Salim – 375 KB, in English) and effective as of Saturday (October 15).. Now, the Brazilian vouchers are also valid as a vaccination certificate between the countries that make up the block and vice versa.

“Holders of a national Covid-19 vaccination certificate issued by ConectSUS will be able to use it under the same conditions as holders of a digital EU Covid certificate, facilitating the flow of people between Brazil and 27 countries in the bloc, if necessary. Necessary to re-impose travel restrictions”, he said in my itmarate in a note. here it is Salim (77 KB).

Brazil submitted a consensus request process in May. In the decision published on Friday, the European Commission stated that the protocol adopted by the SUS allows Verify the validity, validity and integrity of certificates It can be integrated into the block digital system.

The European certification has eliminated the requirement for health measures to control the epidemic, such as testing and isolation. It can be ordered by those who have already been vaccinated, recovered from the disease, or tested negative for coronavirus. The policy is valid until June 30, 2023.

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In addition to Brazil, 45 other countries outside the bloc have concluded negotiating the vaccination certificate equivalency.