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‘Surreal event’: Snake eaten alive slides inside larger snake |  Biodiversity

‘Surreal event’: Snake eaten alive slides inside larger snake | Biodiversity

A snake eaten alive slithers inside a larger snake Reproduction

The moment a snake was eaten by a snake in the middle of the road while the prey was still alive was captured by engineer and nature enthusiast Klaus Böhmer, who… Shared with LastSightings.com platform. The photo shoot, which was taken at the end of September, took place during Klaus’ safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, in South Africa.

“We were returning to camp in the late afternoon, navigating the park’s dusty paths. The scenery was typical of the area: desert sand and trees everywhere you looked.

“It had been a smooth ride up to this point. But, fortunately, we saw another car parked. They were excitedly pointing at something on the road. Then we saw something we would have definitely missed: two snakes! Their colors blended with the color of the road, making it very unlikely that we would have seen them.” On our own.

Klaus Böhmer recorded this moment – ​​Image: Reproduction

As they approached, an incredible scene occurred, leaving everyone completely amazed. “There, I saw one snake devouring another. Such a surreal and unique event, I had never seen anything like it before. It sticks in my memory as a truly unforgettable experience,” he said.

“The only thing we noticed was that the snake’s tail was still wagging, even when it was almost all the way inside the snake. It wasn’t just muscle spasms. It looks like the snake is still a little bit alive,” he concluded.

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There are snakes, like the one Klaus witnessed, that are known to have a unique food preference over other snakes. These highly adaptable predators have the venomous strength and agility to attack and consume various species of snakes, making them top predators.


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