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STF decides whether to share photos of Moraes in Rome

STF decides whether to share photos of Moraes in Rome

Hey Supreme Federal Court (STF) It will be analyzed, on Friday the 16th, whether or not to participate Pictures showing an alleged attack on Minister Alexandre de Moraesat an airport in Rome, with the defense of businessmen suspected of harassment to the STF judge.

Ministers will decide whether to keep the injunction issued by Dias Toffoli, who made the entire recording available but denied extracting the footage from security cameras at the Italian airport. When he announced the investigation, Toffoli considered that releasing the material from Special Forces facilities “will depend on a prior agreement with the office of this rapporteur, considering that it is in a reserved place (…) and warning the person responsible for dealing with it that this is impossible.” Extract, copy and publish its content.”

Minister Alexandre de Moraes during a session at the STF – 02/08/2024 | Photo: Ton Molina/Estadão Contúdo

The defense wants to submit the material for special examination. According to the Federal Police, the footage confirms Moraes' account, which says he was attacked. The family's lawyer, Ralph Tortema, denied the minister's testimony.

After the back and forth, including a newspaper-produced comic strip in which Moraes' son Alexandre Barsi was slapped, the National Police reported the following: “After confronting Barsi, and pushing his body against him, who was wearing glasses, Roberto raised his hand and apparently struck the victim on the His face, where his glasses came off (or fell on his face).”

Decision over Moraes photos in Rome could create 'dangerous precedent'

According to Tortema, if the Special Court maintains Toffoli's understanding, it is possible to create a “dangerous precedent” that would reflect on the criminal legal system, including “legitimizing” the curtailment of the right to defence, “while preventing the parties from having full access to the evidence.” “

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“If we were in fact in a democratic state of law, the Minister’s decision would deserve to be reformed by the full STF, on pain of creating a very dangerous precedent, just to avoid knowing and using images that, in fact, might make clear what is meant.” “It happened today,” Tortema said. the West.

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