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Spindel says he was “appalled” by the refereeing and mentioned Palmeiras

Spindel says he was “appalled” by the refereeing and mentioned Palmeiras

First, make it clear that we agree with the coach on the direction that will always be taken in these arbitration matters. The coach asks the athletes that we always end matches with 11 players on the field, and that the rules and all disciplinary matters are followed, but the club is very shocked and frightened by what happens throughout the tournament in terms of refereeing. More specifically regarding lack of criteria, methodological errors and arbitration criteria
Bruno Spindel, CEO of Flamengo

The Flamengo manager also referred to the Palmeiras match yesterday (4), Alverde beat Atletico 1-0, and in their opinion, Endrik should have been sent off.

Last night, you were elbowed with your arm over your shoulder. VAR technology did not even connect, as it may decide the match in a tournament that is determined in the smallest detail by the Libertadores centers. It is possible that the player will be eliminated from Wednesday’s round
Bruno SpindaleCEO of Flamingo

After that, the manager went on to mention the moves in which Flamengo felt wronged in this Brazilian tournament:

In Round 16, against América-MG, Gerson, while controlling the entry of the ball into the penalty area, delivered a kick to the face. He had a bruise on his eyebrow, almost split open. He was left with a bump and a swollen face, but the judges said the contact was light and nurturing. VAR wasn’t even called and he was shown a yellow card
Bruno SpindaleCEO of Flamingo

Another match mentioned by Bruno Spindel was against Santos where he described the refereeing as “terrible”. The referee was Rafael Rodrigo Clyne.

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