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South Summit: Lecture on the Science Behind Digital Marketing – Coletiva.net

South Summit: Lecture on the Science Behind Digital Marketing – Coletiva.net

Denner Liebert spoke on this subject
Credit: Coletiva.net

lecture The science behind digital marketing(The Science Behind Digital Marketing, in Portuguese translation), which took place at the 2023 South Summit, introduced the audience to how digital marketing firm V4 became a leader in this topic through planning. The speaker, Dener Lippert, focused primarily on the issue of customer retention, noting that “a customer leaves like a crashed plane” — because after every plane crash, there’s a huge investigation aimed at something of the sort that never happens again.

The lecture also dealt with how communication was one of the areas that underwent the most changes with the advent of the Internet and digital media, while digitization is no longer an option for the media, it is mandatory. In this sense, marketing companies have never been in such demand.

The spokesperson stated that the company must find out the reasons that prompted the customer not to buy again, so that he can know the needs that have not been met and how they can be met. In this way, he analyzed the data so that the company could anticipate which clients it would retain and which it would inevitably lose.

Another topic discussed by the speaker is planning, and how companies that want to increase their profits should plan for the future. In this sense, Diner indicated that the company should plan annual growth based on the data obtained.

* This text was written by student Fran Geyer

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