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Horizon Forbidden West

Sony announced the state of play in Horizon Forbidden West on May 27

The text below has been published on the Brazilian PlayStation Blog.

It’s been nearly eleven months since we first showed our glimpse of Horizon Forbidden West during the PlayStation 5 show, and we’re now excited to be able to show you more! This Thursday, March 27th, come with us on a very special trip through new and unknown lands.

From 13 o’clock (Brasilia time), follow our channel and follow the countdown. Stay there until 6 PM (Brasilia time), when the State of Play main event kicks off.

During this game mode, we will be launching the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay! In our exclusive 20-minute video, you’ll see almost 14 minutes of all-new action with our hero, Aloy, and everything captured directly from PlayStation 5.

This debut was a true team effort and we’re excited to show us what we’re preparing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with Aloy since Horizon Zero Dawn, or if you’re familiar with this amazing world now, we want to share this amazing milestone of our history – and we can’t wait to see your favorite moments and reactions.

Come through with us Our YouTube Channel 1pm (Brasilia time) to attend the State of Play special premiere, and at 6 PM (Brasilia time) to unveil the Horizon Forbidden West game!

We are excited about your presence!