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Sonia Abrau updates her mother's health status after entering the intensive care unit

Sonia Abrau updates her mother’s health status after entering the intensive care unit

What will you know!

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São Paulo, April 12, by Clipper Marquis – Diary of the site entertainment Prime Minister’s Notes Brings an article on the health status of Donna Cecilia, the presenter’s mother Sonia Abraham.

Before that, at the age of thirty-one, Donna Cecilia, the mother of our beloved Sonia AbrahamShe fell indoors and needs to be hospitalized quickly. Due to her advanced age, the 80-year-old ended up in the intensive care unit and was in tatters. The presenter went so far as to ask fans to make a prayer chain for her mother’s health.

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Donna Cecilia’s condition was very critical, the fall was very bad, in addition to going to the intensive care unit, Sonya’s mother needed an operation on her femur. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the presenter’s mother has undergone an operation on the femur. Last year, after falling twice, the 80-year-old had to undergo 3 surgeries.

At first, to the delight of Sônia Abraão fans, she announced yesterday afternoon on her Instagram network that her dear mother is getting better. Donna Cecilia left the intensive care unit to the semi-intensive care unit. See below for more details on this struggling lady’s improvement.

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See more details about the health condition of the presenter’s mother, Sônia Abraão

In the beginning, Sonia Abrau, a devoted woman who speaks her mind, is going through one of the most difficult moments of her life. His mother was admitted to the hospital to be treated for a fall, however, and that’s not all bad news. Dona Cecília, as Sonia Abraão’s mother is called, has improved and moved from a critical condition in the intensive care unit to a semi-intensive care unit.

The introduction couldn’t contain the news of how happy she was, and used Instagram to talk about her mother’s improvement.

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Watch the words Sônia Abraão said on her social network about the improvement in her mother’s health

“My God! What a relief! I have good news for you, my love. My dear mother left the intensive care unit and went to semi-intensive care. Thankfully she is interacting well with the medications and the surgery she had on her femur. Thank you for your positive energies and prayers! “

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