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Six news announced by Google about Android 14

Six news announced by Google about Android 14

The latest operating system from Google, which is Android 14, is in the testing phase, and developers of brands like Samsung and Motorola have already started receiving new updates. However, it is good to remember that it is still not certain that all of them will be available when the new version is released.

Therefore, today we list the news announced by Google about Android 14; Check it out to start imagining what it will do when it reaches you.

New Android 14 news

Now check out the news that the new Android 14 will bring:

1. Passkeys

Android 14 will bring a very useful novelty: unique passwords generated by the system itself, called passkeys, can be used in third-party apps for authentication. This means that when you authenticate to social networks or stores using biometrics, the system will take over control of the rest of the process, ensuring security and practicality.

2. Application security

One of the novelties in Android 14 is that users can view a list of apps installed in the background by manufacturers. This function can be useful in identifying malicious applications, as well as facilitating their removal from the system, ensuring greater device security.

3. Satellite calls

Google is enabling satellite voice calling on Android phones. With this, it would be possible to make calls in remote places without the need for a cellular phone network through satellites in space. It is important to remember that it will depend on the technological support of smartphones to function.

4. Application settings

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According to developer group XDA, the upcoming Android operating system will allow users to customize their preferences regarding settings such as temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, start of the week on Monday or Sunday, imperial or metric system of measurement, among other options.

5. Easy access with increased source

There is a possibility to increase the system font by up to 200%. This novelty is designed to meet the accessibility needs of visually impaired users, allowing them to view content more easily on their mobile device. With this function, the use of the operating system will become more comprehensive and accessible to everyone.

6. Android 14 release date

It is expected to take place during the annual event Googlescheduled for May 10, the company will reveal more details about Android 14. Following the pattern of previous years, the launch will take place gradually from August 2023, with Pixel, the device manufactured by the company, to be the first to receive an update.