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September 2022 PS Plus games come online

September 2022 PS Plus games come online

alleged games PS Plus September 2022 Basic Level appeared online early. For this month, three more games should be available for download between September 6 and October 4.

The information comes from “billbil-kun” inside, from the website bargains – The same game that accurately revealed the basic plan games in recent months. a look:

Although the news is announced in the usual forum, it is good to be careful before creating forecasts. Sony will officially reveal the PS Plus games for September 2022 on Wednesday afternoon, so please treat this lineup as one. Common.

More on potential PS Plus games in September 2022

While Sony isn’t confirming PS Plus games in September 2022 to base-level subscribers, let’s show you more about the games insiders are expecting:

Need for Speed ​​Heat (PS4)

In Need for Speed ​​Heat, the barriers of law disappear as the sun sets. Take part in illegal street races with your team of tough guys, but keep an eye out… Twisted cops are waiting. Take risks, spend the competition to increase your REP and risk everything for glory in the underworld.


Embark on a fascinating expedition and use your photographic eye to unravel magical TOEM puzzles in this hand-drawn adventure game. Chat with original characters and solve your problems by taking amazing photos and traveling through a relaxing landscape!

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Legendary fighting studio ARC SYSTEM WORKS and Cygames unite to unleash the beloved world of Granblue Fantasy on consoles in an action-packed competitive combat game. Granblue Fantasy: Versus has a cast of the most popular colorful characters, each with their own fighting style that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Did you like the potential PS Plus games of September 2022? Comment below!

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