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Self-driving cars ‘revolt’ and close encounter in America

A group Autonomous cars According to reports published on Twitter and Reddit, he attracted the attention of residents of San Francisco in the United States, on Tuesday (28) night, who “gathered” at a local intersection and blocked traffic for several hours. Could this be the start of the Machine Rebellion?

Contrary to what many thought, he encouraged the siege Driverless vehicles It’s not a robot uprising. According to TechCrunchA problem with self-driving software the ship He was responsible for the extraordinary meeting at the corner of Goff and Fulton Streets.

All the cars involved in the siege were part of it Robotaxis fleet of the affiliated company General Motors (GM), which recently launched the service in the US city. The automaker did not provide details about the failure that led to the “”.The self-driving car revolution”, but crews had to be sent to the site to clear the traffic.

In addition to the manual intervention of professionals, the company performs some functions remotely Robot taxis. Cruz said no passengers were hurt and apologized for the traffic jam, but residents want officials to fine them for blocking the intersection.

Robotaxis orbits at night

Cruise’s robotics service launched in San Francisco on June 23 after a trial period. Initially, the Driverless cars They can only circulate between 10pm and 6am, when the streets of the Californian city are at their busiest.

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In this first moment, autonomous driving vehicles can only circulate through specific stretches within the municipality, while trying to prove the efficiency and safety of the system. During the trials, passengers could use the service for free, but now it is necessary to pay a fee to continue the journey in the robot taxi.