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See the buying and selling value now

See the buying and selling value now

Have you ever imagined finding a precious metal coin inside your home? Few people know it, but Brazilians are surrounded by valuables that are transported with change to stores every day. If you know how to identify valuable pieces, you can get ahead in this race and make good money from sales.

In this article, we will detail three instances of real currencies that can be considered valuable at this time. They are souvenirs that allude to a moment in Brazilian history. See the list below:

  • One real coin honoring the 50th anniversary of the founding of the central bank;
  • One real coin honoring the 540th anniversary of the founding of the central bank;
  • 1 real coin in honor of Juscelino Kubitschek.

Juscelino Kubitschek

Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, also known as JK, is from the city of Diamantina, in the state of Minas Gerais. He was a doctor and a military police officer, but is historically known as the 21st president in Brazilian history. He assumed leadership of the country between 1950 and 1961.

It was JK who created the slogan “50 years in 5” which promised that Brazil would grow at a high speed economically. He was responsible for leading the movement in the country’s capital. He left the headquarters of the federal government in Rio de Janeiro and headed to Brasilia.

JK became known for coining the term “50 years in 5”. Photo: Gervasio Baptista/Agence Brasil

central bank

The Central Bank of Brazil is a type of independent federal agency, part of the federal financial system, and does not have the status of a government ministry. Officially, it was created on December 31, 1965, when the country was already under military dictatorship.

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“Monetary authority central bank It was not unified until the 1980s, with the extinction of the movement’s account. Through this instrument, the central bank was obligated to compensate daily for the obligations of the Bank of Brazil, which continued to provide credit. In practice, the movement account allowed the issuance of currency without interference from the central bank.”Senado Agency says.

What are the currency values?

Now let’s analyze the values ​​of commemorative coins in relation to Juscelino Kubitschek and the Central Bank. First of all, it is important to remember that in their traditional and error-free versions, they have almost no additional value to collectors. This is because the circulation of each one is more than 40 million, which is considered high.

When can they achieve so much?

According to experts in the field, real coins referring to Juscelino Kubitschek and the Central Bank could be worth a lot of money, if reversed. To find out if it has this defect, simply hold the coin with the number 1 facing up. Next, simply rotate the item vertically from bottom to top. If Kubitschek’s face appears upside down, it means she is inverted.

If it had this defect, the commemorative coin could be worth around R$30, according to projections in the latest catalogues.

50 cent coin

Another coin that has also created a stir is the 50 cent coin from 1970. In addition to its monetary value, this piece also has a strong historical and cultural appeal to our country.

This is a rare coin with a mint error. Depending on the condition of the item, the citizen may receive an amount ranging from R$400 to R$2,000. In some cases, an item may exceed this value if the same item contains more than one error.

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A stamp error in this case is called a Double Strike, and occurs when the coin is not ejected after being minted on the CD and ends up taking a new strike on the stamp. This new projection can be rotated or shifted compared to the first.