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The bank will donate 100,000 Brazilian riyals and participate in a reality show

a original bank It recently announced that it has released a sponsored promotion farmRecord TV’s reality show. With the promotion “VocĂȘ na Fazenda is not a dream, it is a reality”, clients of the financial institution can be rewarded with a working day, as well as cash prizes.

For viewers, in addition to drawing 1.5 million R$ in CDB Original, the bank will hold dynamics with participants from reality during the broadcast of the program this year.

According to the information received from the financial institution, a total of ten clients may be awarded during the procedure. Therefore, the more services and products original bank The customer uses, the higher your chances of winning.

The winner of the raffle will be able to participate in all the confinement experiences, such as the daily quests and the famous farmer’s quiz. In addition, there are several prizes worth up to 100 thousand Brazilian reais. If you want more details, go to the campaign platform.

The new original draw from Banco

First, the bank informed that customers who received prizes will be able to participate in various dynamics of reality, such as daily missions and the famous farmer’s quiz. In addition, they can get prizes of up to 100 thousand Brazilian reais.

To promote this action to clients, Banco Original has partnered with other organizations, such as Heads, Bullet and Mynd. Each agency was responsible for some actions in the work of the awards.

How do you participate in the raffle?

At the outset, it is important to note that only Banco Original account holders can participate in the draw.

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To compete for R$5,000 each week, in addition to the grand prize of R$100,000 to participate in A Fazenda 14 is very easy, just register on the organization’s campaign website and compete for prizes.

A very important tip to get more chances of winning is to accumulate lucky numbers. In addition, the customer can participate in the sweepstakes weekly.

To accumulate lucky numbers, the customer needs to use some banking services. So, check out the actions that can generate numbers for you to compete for prizes:

Services that generate one lucky number

  • Pay tickets
  • cell phone recharge from R$ 20;
  • 5 purchases with a credit card starting from 30 BRL;
  • 5 purchases with a debit card from 30 BRL.

Services that generate two lucky numbers

  • key registration pixel;
  • Activate Digital Boleto;
  • automatic debit registration;
  • Contracting a Loan (FGTS);
  • Insurance contracting.

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