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See if you can order

From now on, a horizon of opportunities opens up for many Brazilians with expanded access to resources from the Fund for End of Service Compensation (FGTS). The novelty brought by the Christmas draw promises to bring unprecedented financial flexibility to millions of workers.

This alternative allows the annual withdrawal of a percentage of the accumulated balance directly from your linked FGTS accounts. However, it is crucial to understand how this choice could affect other types of withdrawals that Brazilian taxpayers traditionally use.

How does the FGTS Birthday Draw work?

The Birthday Withdrawal is a means by which taxpayers can withdraw part of their FGTS balance once a year, during their birthday month. This method is optional and excludes the possibility of full withdrawal from the fund in cases of unfair dismissal, and is limited only to obtaining the amount corresponding to the termination fine.

What changes with the Christmas looting?

The big change brought about by the Christmas Draw is the freedom to access funds on a regular basis without the need for certain events, such as unfair dismissal. However, it is important to make this choice consciously, because it changes the terms of withdrawal in other scenarios.

Who can benefit from the Christmas draw?

All workers who choose this option up to the last working day of their birth month are eligible to opt out of the birth date. For example, if your birthday is in June and you make your selection by the end of May, you will be able to make the draw in the next cycle.

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Withdrawal schedule by balance ranges:

  • Up to R$ 500.00: 50% of the balance
  • From R$ 500.01 to R$ 1,000.00: 40% of the balance + additional R$ 50.00
  • From R$1,000.01 to R$5,000.00: 30% of the balance + additional R$150.00
  • From R$ 5,000.01 to R$ 10,000.00: 20% of the balance + additional R$ 650.00
  • From R$ 10,000.01 to R$ 15,000.00: 15% of the balance + additional R$ 1,150.00
  • From R$ 15,000.01 to R$ 20,000.00: 10% of the balance + additional R$ 1,900.00
  • More than R$20,000.01: 5% of balance + additional R$2,900.00

How to check balance and join the Christmas draw

To check the available balance in their FGTS account and join the Christmas draw, workers can use the FGTS app available for download in major app stores, access their banks’ online banking, use CAIXA ATMs or physically go to agencies.

Remember to keep your registration details up to date To ensure smooth access to services. The deadline to join the Birthday Draw ends on the last business day of the employee’s birthday month.

Tips for pulling off a hassle-free birthday

In addition to updating your data, it is important to pay attention to the withdrawal calendar so that you do not miss the deadline. Making sure you understand all the terms and implications of switching to this method will ensure you make the best choice possible.

Take advantage of this new FGTS flexibility as an alternative to plan your money better. Whether for investment, to cover unexpected expenses or as an emergency resource, withdrawing after Christmas can be an excellent option for those looking for greater independence over their resources.

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For more information about FGTS, visit the CAIXA website: https://www.caixa.gov.br/beneficios-trabalhodor/fgts/Paginas/default.aspx

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