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Avoid fines and stay regular!

Avoid fines and stay regular!

Life A Small Individual Entrepreneurs (MEI) It is full of crucial responsibilities and deadlines that require extra attention. One of them is the delivery deadline Simplified annual declaration. The crucial point in this wait is that, with the end of next Friday, the 31st, any delay will result in a fine of no less than R$50. It is a difficult situation because, according to recent government data, almost half of MEI institutions have not yet complied with this obligation.

How important is it for MEI to stay within the announcement deadline?

This deadline is equally important for everyone Small business ownersRegardless of the field of activity. The consequences of not remaining in good standing with the IRS can be severe. In addition to fines, failure to comply with the obligations can lead to larger problems, such as prevention of billing and loss of Social Security benefits.

What happens if you do not submit the MEI Annual Announcement?

Failure to file a return not only results in fines, but may also place MEI in illegal standing with the Federal Revenue Service. Specifically, the delay in Ad delivery It results in a penalty of 2% per month, limited to 20% of the amount of taxes owed. Remember that the minimum value of this fine is R$ 50.

How to avoid problems and fines at the end of the period?

Submitting an ad is a simple and quick process, although very important, and can be completed in a few minutes. It is essential that all small business owners take some time to ensure that their obligations are up to date. This action can avoid many future problems and ensure the continuity of the benefits of being an MEI.

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Check the steps step by step so as not to make mistakes:

  • Enter your company’s CNPJ number.
  • Choose the year of the required declaration (2023).
  • Enter the value of annual total revenue.
  • State whether or not you have employees and how many they have.
  • Review all information and complete the process.

Important: After completing, save proof of sending the declaration.

What are the benefits of viewing the MEI annual announcement?

In addition to avoiding late document fines, being in good standing as an MEI provides other important advantages. One of them is the reduction of payment to the National Social Security Institute, which guarantees access to basic social security benefits, such as retirement, sickness benefits, among others. It also allows entrepreneurs to maintain ease of issuing invoices and obtaining lines of credit with special terms.

So, if you are Small business entrepreneursDon’t leave it to the last minute. Make sure you meet all deadlines and maintain your good standing. This not only avoids legal problems and fines, but also ensures that you can enjoy the full benefits of your efforts and dedication to work.

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